12th Gemini Cup アンケートのお願い

この度はGemini Cupへのご参加誠にありがとうございました。


来年のGemini Cupの参考にさせていただくためにも、参加者の皆様には以下のURLからアンケートへの回答をお願いいたします。


なお、Teams Score,Speakers Scoreにつきましては、アンケートにご回答いただいたあと表示されるページに掲載してあるURLから閲覧することができます。




Theme Education

THBT universities should not give academic credit for volunteer work.

THW allow teachers to physically punish their students at school regardless of parental consent.

THW pay teachers progressive salary according to the academic performance of their students



Theme Legal Status

THW abolish the minimum age requirement for marriage.

THW criminalize the membership of criminal organizations, even if he/she doesn’t commit crimes on his/her own.

THBT voting eligibility should be based on the passing of civic tests instead of age.


Theme International Relations

THBT it is legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organisations.

THBT after a humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses, the occupation forces should leave at once if the population so wishes

THBT Israel should assassinate Iran’s nuclear scientists.


Theme Environment

THW forcibly remove the homeless from the streets and place them in rehabilitation.

THBT carbon trading is more effective in combating global warming than emission tax.

THW make the development of eco-friendly industry a condition for receiving non-emergency aid.

<Break Round>


Theme The end justifies the means.

THBT evidence which is illegally obtained should be admissible in criminal trials.

THW take and use the organs of executed death row convicts regardless of consent.

THBT the 3rd world countries should recognize the necessity of sweatshops.



Theme Justice

THBT the protection of the environment should be considered a mitigating factor when sentencing eco-terrorists.

THW impose progressive fine on offenders based on their assets.

THW abolish enhanced punishment based on hate crime law.


Theme Freedom

THW allow public servants to criticize their government.

THW prosecute parents who take their children to another legal jurisdiction in order to carry out an act which is illegal in their home country.

THW legalize sadomasochism.


Theme Public Discourse

THBT entertainment awards should not be bestowed on individuals who have committed crime

THW ban the publication of political opinion polls.

THW televise the executions of criminals.





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